Relationship R&D

Relationship R&D

A unique combination of LGBTQ+ focused individual and relationship therapy

A collaborative project of Seal Dywer Counseling LLC and Prism Mental Health LLC


Relationship R&D features a co-therapy model where a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor work together with you to benefit your communication. This allows multiple perspectives space in the room, and can help show different and effective ways forward.

One of the concerns that face many people seeking relationship counseling is the feeling that they won't be understood and validated as individuals within the relationship. Our approach ensures that each member of the couple is able to form a solid therapeutic relationship individually with their therapist or counselor, and then we meet together as a group -- and have all four horses pulling in the same direction.

We also work with people in well-established polyamorous relationships and couples exploring different relationship structures.

The goal of Relationship R&D is open, honest, transparent communication, and through that the best and healthiest possible relationships.


Seal Dwyer MS LMFT: I have a passion for working with gifted folks of all ages. My clients are individuals, families, and couples. I am part of the Queer community. I work with folks exploring their gender and sexuality. I have an transnational, intersectional feminist worldview. I am trauma-informed. I believe that all folks can heal, and I believe that all folks deserve the relief from the impact of trauma. In a world that makes certain bodies and identities unsafe, my office is a safe place. I am body positive, HAES, and I help folks inhabit their bodies and their lives. I believe that by helping my clients heal, together we help our community. I help clients process trauma utilizing EMDR. EMDR is one of the most strongly evidence-based treatments for PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, and a multitude of other disorders and conditions. I help folks process their identities and live and express their best lives in their bodies. I support folks through transition. I am queer, fat, feminist, and gifted, so all the specialties of my practice are pieces of my own identity. I have recovered from my own trauma, and I help folks heal, in part, because I've been there. I am a challenging therapist because I do believe everyone can get better. I am not a forever-therapist; you'll see me for a while and then go live your life.

Patrick RichardsFink MS LPC: My mission is to create a warm and accepting therapeutic space where people of all gender identities and sexual orientations have the freedom and safety to express all facets of their authentic selves and explore the challenges of existence. My focus is on trans, bi, lesbian, gay, and asexual individuals, couples of all sex/genders and orientations including mixed orientation (bi/straight or gay/bi), and people in other relationships (polyamory, D/S). I focus on providing services to members of the LGBTQ+ community and those who love us, including helping transgender people navigate the systems they interact with such as providing referrals for medical services. I practice existential/humanist psychotherapy, which tailors therapy to individuals and uses a variety of techniques to help people heal themselves through the therapeutic relationship. It is the relationship that does the healing.


Availability: Tuesday evenings, every other Saturday afternoon

Contact and Location:

Seal: 320-296-2530

Patrick: 320-217-6694

Located in the Saint Cloud Business Center
14 7th Ave N
Saint Cloud MN 56303

Pricing: Individual participants are billed separately for each session.

Seal: Insurance accepted includes HealthPartners, Medica, MA. Income based sliding scale for all other, median $40

Patrick: Income based sliding scale only, median $40